Results Fitness:  Train with BELLEVUE's  elite coaches at  our Private, State-of-the-art Facility!
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We pride ourselves on the caliber of our trainers and nutrition coaches and the personalization of our service.
Train with BELLEVUE's elite coaches at
our Private, State-of-the-art Facilit
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Our Philosophy
Shawn Casey and the trainers at Results Fitness will help you achieve your goals by tailoring your fitness training sessions around your exact needs. Depending on your available time and goals, you can choose from a both group and/or personal training sessions all week!
Our nutrition philosophy is simple. We want our clients to eat real, whole foods with ingredients you can pronounce. We believe wholeheartedly that changes in nutrition will result in powerful changes in your body, your overall health and your outlook on life in general.
After we get to know you, we’ll assess posture, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance via our exclusive fit test and then reassess every four-six weeks to measure progress. If you follow the regimen, we guarantee progress. Simple as that.
YOUR Results - Our #1 Priority.

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Client Videos
Wanted to start taking training seriously because he was tired of being mentally fatigued and overweight. After a few weeks at Results Fitness, Tristen was feeling and looking better. After 8 months, he has a transformed physique a new outlook on life. Check out his story!
Needed to lose post baby weight but was having a hard time on her own. Shawn and his team helped push Katie to achieve her goals and developed a meal plan that allowed her to get the results she was looking for.